Online friends – a brief synopsis

It’s an interesting study in social media interaction that chronicles patterns in people’s interactions:

  • There are some “Friends” who want to hear nothing from you – literally. It’s like “Disgust” from Inside Out is in full force whenever you dare like or comment on anything they write.

Image result for disgust inside out gif

  • This is not to be confused with those who spew – who write only to perform one-way communication. They are shocked with ANY interaction; it’s not part of their expectations or established protocol.
  • There are those who have their suspicions up, knowing your demographics more than they know you. These are the tribalists, who ostensibly have no real friends, only fellow tribes-people and occasional coverts.
  • And this is not to forget those who seek validation by “Likes” (or Twitter Favorites) and replies. These folks live in manic/depressed emotional tumult governed by who is online and reading (and caring about) their stuff. Often, these people vent publicly about situations and people that no one else knows about and who will never read their rantings.

The phenomenon of people writing what they would never say is in full gear online and venting, trolling and ad hominem discourse is unfortunately commonplace.

But the feel-good story of social media is the way family get acquainted, old friends reconnect and new ones are made, legitimately, openly and honestly. That’s the way I try to play and why I like an online existence.