Tuesday – strength on a weak day

I know, today it’s Wednesday.  Which means yesterday it was … Tuesday!  There probably was a time when I rejoiced at the knowledge of the weekdays – their names, which one followed the other, etc.

But they didn’t teach us much about weak days – those on which the weight of life would fall.  Or how devastating a long sequence of days like that would be.  I think they didn’t want to depress a bunch of first graders (or was it Kindergarten, I completely forget).

Yesterday was a cold, cloudy November day around here.  I think my friend Judy, who has amazing perspective and enduring joy ( and that, not of her own devise) would call it a “blurky” day.  I like “blurky”.  It really should be in the dictionary even if Judy is directly attributed in its etymology

Blurky – adj. from Judy \bler-key

:  overcast and depressing

:  gross and disgusting

But I had a pretty cool idea for a song on the way to work – I get those from time to time.  It’s one of the reasons I want a portable recorder for Christmas, so I can retain those ideas.  But I did retain this one, and managed to put down some basic tracks on my Cubase software last night.

The song idea was a biographical sketch of a suffering woman.  She had cancer.  It was Tuesday, and cloudy.  The beautiful thing was that her perspective was so transforming that the clouds turned into a warming blanket and her fatigue from the previous day’s chemo was comforting sleep.  She was fighting this thing with grace and with faith that goes deeper than the lesions that have invaded her body.

The song has a slow, jazzy style, starting with a major 9th chord, one of my favorite tonalities because of the delicious overtones.  And it’s doleful to start.  But joyful to end.  Kind of like a psalm.

I’ve been reading a lot of books about doing one’s art, following through and escaping the life owned by industry.  Seth Godin’s Icarus Deception is a really good book like that.  And I’m fighting to do that because I’ve been taught and encouraged and bludgeoned into burying my art.  Not to blame anyone else, but no one has this all going on quite like me.  But we can all say that and it’s no excuse.  Point well taken, Seth.  So .. in a way, the Tuesday song is for me, glaring into a blurky day with eyes that see over the clouds to what can be, WILL be, if I only persist and believe.